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Nob Hill Family Chiropractic Hires INDIVO for Marketing Adjustment

Al Buscaino

EVP, Strategic Services

Nob Hill Family Chiropractic is an established Chiropractic clinic serving patients in South Florida, since 1996. Dr. Cohen had been providing services to traumatic injury victims, some self-referred and some who came to him via referrals from local attorneys. Dr. Cohen, seeking to expand the influence of his main office while laying the ground work for opening a second office, approached INDIVO about expanding its reach into local personal injury law firms.

INDIVO formulated an integrated sales support program to create awareness, stimulate interest, fuel desire and motivate action on the part of the attorneys. The integrated program consists of a main attorney-focused landing page, eMail series with accompanying subject-specific landing pages, downloadable PDFs and sales call flyer leave-behind.

The landing page takes advantage of the attraction of multimedia with an embedded video, unique URL and content targeted to the attorney.

Landing Page

To help monitor the traffic to the website, INDIVO included Analytics which provides information on the numbers of new and returning visitors, the number of pages viewed per visit, traffic sources, keywords, top content, and more. This information is beneficial in determining what is working in the campaign and on the landing page and what is not. Adjustments are then made to the campaign to help enhance results.

eMail Series

The eMail series was designed to first introduce Dr. Cohen and Nob Hill to the local attorneys, and then build a confident relationship over time. To focus efforts in the area within which we were most likely to see results, it was decided to target law firms located within a 10-mile radius of the Nob Hill clinic. INDIVO located and secured this list of attorneys.

  • First email: The first was a personal letter from Dr. Cohen to the attorneys, requesting the opportunity to meet. This eMail was successful in garnering a number of appointments and referrals.
  • Second email: The second eMail was the first in a series of HealthAlerts designed to educate the patients, attorneys and their staff about issues related to various health concerns. These eMails refer to a targeted landing page and downloadable PDF so that the information may be printed and distributed in hard copy, or by the law firms as an eMail attachment.
  • Third email: The third eMail and second in the series of HealthAlerts addressed the topic of back pain and disc injury.

All eMails are distributed via the IndivoMail eMail marketing system. IndivoMail is a fully CAN-Spam compliant eMail distribution system. We also offer full reporting in terms of opens, link clicks and unsubscribes.

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