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A Website Refresh for ShastaPop Helps 130-year-old Brand Connect with Customers

Al Buscaino

EVP, Strategic Services

As part of its multi-channel marketing effort for connecting with customers, and to celebrate its 130th anniversary in business, INDIVO was tapped to help redesign the brand website.

Until recently, the website looked like this.

Because the Client plans on doing more promotion on social media and other initiatives throughout the year, it was important to have the site consistent in message and visuals, with those campaigns. It’s an important part of a well-integrated marketing communications program.

The site was designed with a series of slides that can be interactive or animated based on campaign needs, allowing the Client extensive flexibility in utilizing the space.

This not only helps keep the site fresh, it coincides with each month’s social campaign, and allows key events, contests or flavors be highlighted.

The flavors and locate pages were restructured so that visitors can find which stores have a flavor that interests them. By using the store’s own store locator, it is easy to keep the content current. While a customer might not know when a store actually sells out of an individual flavor, they will be able to more readily find the stores that are supposed to have each flavor. A leap forward from the previous website. Though necessitating a slight budget increase, the Client felt it well worth the cost.

This tongue-in-cheek look at history is a fun way for people to easily see “important” historical events, where Shasta products could have added flavor, over its 130-year existence.

New Home Page for ShastaPop.com

The Flavors

The Flavors page now allows customers to find a store with the flavor they like.


The History timeline allows visitors to see where Shasta was at important dates in history.

Social Wall

On the Social Wall, you can see how the design refresh helps graphically blend with the social posts.


Buy some Shasta-branded swag and cases of Shasta online.

Aside from these areas, there is also a Social Wall where you can see how the design refresh helps graphically blend with the social posts, Shop where you can buy Shasta-branded swag, and the Giveaway page. Check it out, if there’s a giveaway, you could win cool prizes!

If not done correctly, a website refresh and launch can wreak havoc on the web traffic you’ve worked so hard to build. In almost all launches, INDIVO sees Organic traffic decrease immediately after launch and slowly recover to exceed previous levels. When we pushed the new ShastaPop site live, we also included SEO activities to help mitigate this decrease and ensure that people who bookmarked pages or search engines that indexed pages on the old site, were automatically redirected to those new pages on the new site.

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