The Value of Online Reviews and Social Sharing, Part 3

3 Big Benefits from Customer Engagement

Previously, we considered the challenges you may be facing in efforts to convert your customers into effective brand ambassador and practical ways you can engage with them to turn their good will into rave reviews of your brand.

To understand the types of sharing and reviews you would like to encourage, you want to understand the value of different types of engagement strategies.

More Brand Awareness

For virtually any consumer product or service, it is safe to assume that a customer’s friends and followers are very similar.

If you can inspire, encourage or ask them to share your social or website content, your brand’s reputation is bolstered by the reputation and relationship that your customer has with their friends and followers. You enjoy greater brand awareness every time they share your brand with friends.

Increased Trust

Facebook and LinkedIn both allow brands to collect recommendations right on their page.

The collection of recommendations you are able to amass on a Facebook Page or your LinkedIn Company Page extends your brand’s trustworthiness beyond just your customers’ network to anyone that visits your profile.  The same is true for reviews and recommendations you collect on your own website (by email or directly onsite).

Increased Traffic

Brand awareness and increase trust will inherently help drive increased traffic.

But if traffic is a critical objective for you, don’t underestimate the SEO benefits of engagement, sharing, and brand support.

While the connection cannot be quantified, we know that the main search engines are paying attention to social cues. Google, in particular, seems to be keenly aware of sharing activity that takes place on Google Plus. The same way you want customers to recommend your product to friends, you want Google search to recommend your content to users. Securing reviews, likes (+1’s), and shares on Google Plus (and other social channels) sends a clear signal to Google search that your content is valuable.


Reviews from happy customers and social shares can be great boosters for your brand. If this boost has eluded your brand, let’s go back to the beginning.  We started by looking at the value of reviews and social sharing and admitting that opportunities for valuable engagement are often missed. Review this previous article for ideas to identify and engage with your happy customers, encourage sharing, and collect those great reviews. You must be intentional about this to realize the benefits. Your satisfied customers are your best partners for increased brand awareness, trust, and traffic.

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