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Getting Ahead of the Scan…

Al Buscaino

EVP, Strategic Services

Staying ahead of the competition in 2012 and beyond means adjusting your strategy to your price, product and technologically savvy, but time-poor, customers.

QR codes give your customers a faster, easier shortcut to connect with your brand. Becoming a relevant part of your customers’ mobile experience, through QR Code shortcuts, puts your customers one scan away from direct access to your brand.

The name gives you a clue. QR, or ‘quick response’, codes are fast becoming a navigational shortcut to your brand by capitalizing on the Smart phones in virtually everyone’s pocket. With QR Codes, not only does your target audience take your brand and content everywhere they go, they also bypass searching for information. Scanning a QR Code means instant access to whatever content (audio, video or print) you’ve chosen to provide.

The benefits are many. A smart mobile campaign can enhance customer interaction, brand touch frequency and increase product sales through cross-fertilization of other campaign tactics, such as social media and viral or offline marketing. For the business bottom line, QR Codes can reduce offline media costs by saving space and printing frequency, with easily-updatable online content taking the place of expensive reprints. And, in true win-win fashion, your customers will perceive the added value from your company. In addition to providing one-click navigation to brand content, your target audience can hear audio, see video, text and images, send eMails and messages, dial telephone numbers, facilitate purchases, and interact with your company or brands in other meaningful ways. QR codes offer huge engagement and customer behavior tracking opportunities to businesses that utilize them to their best effect.

Build your brand through incorporating QR codes into your overall strategy.

However, truly capitalizing on QR Code and mobile marketing doesn’t mean you can slap any old code on an ad and be effective. A well-thought out QR Code campaign makes mobile surfing and brand access simple and quick, and lowers the barriers that might have otherwise deterred converting a tentative contact to a loyal customer.

Digital codes are best utilized as part of a comprehensive strategic marketing program that includes taking into account logistical hurdles, competing technologies and consumer education. It also means providing a meaningful experience for a potential customer. By being clear about what you’re trying to achieve, and offering a ‘reward’ for scanning the code, you’ll get your potential customer pulling out that phone and interacting with your company.

And finally, the importance of evaluating what you are trying to achieve using effective tracking and data integration cannot be overstated. Obtaining high rates of conversion are about systematically and scientifically testing what works and what doesn’t while looking at the hard numbers and trends over time, good QR code analytics are a critical piece of an effective campaign.

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