The Value of Online Reviews and Social Sharing

Why Customers Make the Best Brand Ambassadors

In the last two decades, the internet has revolutionized so much about our lives and our culture. It is not uncommon for shoppers to seek advice at a few different brick and mortar stores and then, from their phone or tablet, you guessed it... ask for advice from friends online.

In just the last few days, my Pinterest searches include:


• best workout shorts for high impact cardio;
• home décor on a budget;
• sharing posts from several of my favorite brands;
• sharing posts about DIY cleaning tricks for the home and discount beauty tips;
• clicking a couple of interesting ads and following a few new pages;
• and even soliciting a new cleaning service!
(after pinning all the cleaning tips/tricks I figured hiring someone may be easier.)

From time to time, while talking to a friend in person, I will recommend professional services like a doctor or my accountant, restaurants I like, or websites where I have made purchases. More and more, however, my friends don’t wait until we see each other to ask for opinions or advice. We’ll hop on social media while it’s on our minds and see what ALL our friends think or recommend about an idea or a need we have. Ten or twenty years ago, we might’ve asked one or two friends for advice before making a purchase; now we have quick, easy access to wisdom and feedback from dozens of friends, all in one place!

You know your best advertisement is a happy customer. But a happy customer may not become your brand ambassador without your help.If you send customers on their way and hope they will recommend your product or service when someone asks, you can’t be sure they’ll ever have that opportunity or if they’ll remember you when they do. In my next post, we’ll look at what you can do to capture the good will of your customers at its highest point.

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