Deliver the Message

If you'd like to see how INDIVO might help deliver your message more efficiently and effectively contact us for a free initial consultation.Once the  campaign is produced, we use a mix of online and off-line tools in the right timing/sequence to help deliver your message to the target audience(s). This process maximizes a careful blend or reach (% of target audience members who see your message) and frequency (seeing your message often enough to promote recall and action) to help usher the prospect through the purchasing decision process.

During the delivery phase of a campaign, we monitor the success of each element, using objective metrics where possible, and adjust the elements, vehicles, reach and frequency as need to help deliver the desired results.

Depending on the client's goal(s), target(s), complexity of customer decision(s), typical decision cycle, and resources there are many different vehicles that may be used in delivering your message including:


IndivoMail eMail marketing platform
• Internet Display Ads
• Pay-per-click text ads
• Search Engine Marketing
• Social Media Publishing
  (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

Off-line & Outdoor

• Journals, Magazines, Newspapers
• Direct Mail
• Multimedia
• Billboards & Posters
• Bus Benches & Transit

Put INDIVO to work for you

Our mission is to bring unity to your marketing communications program, to enrich customer relationships and help grow your business in the face of ever-evolving market conditions. Connect with us!

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