LaCroix® Her Voice Campaign

To increase consumer engagement and participation INDIVO proposed and produced the "Her Voice" campaign for LaCroix®.

LaCroix engaged INDIVO an innovator in proven DTC and B2B promotional programs to help increase consumer awareness and participation in the 3-Day across the nation. INDIVO conceived of, developed and created this web-based, consumer-submitted video website and promotional campaign, as well as coordinated input and participation between LaCroix Sparkling Water, the Susan G. Komen 3-Day and Pepperidge Farms. The campaign included an interactive website where participants could upload and share inspirational videos they had created about why they were participating in the 3-Day and banner links to sponsor websites. INDIVO also integrated the system with the Komen eMail distribution system that participants used to solicit sponsorship contributions from friends so they could link from the eMail to their video. Participants could also share their video submissions via social networks and we captured consumer registrations and permission for future marketing efforts.