1st Metropolitan Mortgage

An integrated promotional and sales support program helps fuel business growth.

Having one of the leading websites for home equity loans, mortgages, and electronic lending, 1st Metropolitan Mortgage turned to INDIVO to create a well-integrated campaign to promote the company’s business and marketing tools. The pivotal element INDIVO delivered was the interactive multimedia CD-ROM explaining 1st Metropolitan's skills, emphasizing the company's status of industry excellence, available resources and unsurpassed customer service. An intra-program navigation system on the CD made it easy for the viewer to explore content while receiving a call to action message. Using this interactive design has proven to be a most cost-effective and powerful means of communication. The CD-ROM was created using discrete tracking code that allowed the client to measure open rates and ultimately ROI. The campaign assignment also included videography, talent search, voice-over, art direction andmedia planning,to produce and place a regional TV commercial.