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I saw a great article on Mashable recently that offered useful tips for a startup’s website and it got me to thinking. With over 30-years of experience helping launch new companies, products and services, I have had the honor of helping a number of inventors and entrepreneurs realize their dreams. Compared to the earlier part of my career, the internet is probably the most useful tool for helping new offerings that deliver value succeed and poor or marginal offerings die, quickly. On the upside, the web can help establish your brand, economically reach and engage a number of audiences, and successfully compete against established firms.

The internet is an awesome tool for helping entrepreneurs succeed and weed out poor or marginal offerings quickly.

Some of the important basic concepts:

The article brought up great basics such as usability, a strong call to action, simple user-friendly navigation and other core best practices. In all, the 10 concepts are the basis of good design and communication between client and business, and the more of these you put front and center, the more success your brand tends to have.

Naughty Vs. Nice Design

Here are three additional tips that clients have found beneficial:

  1. Mobile-friendly
    It’s been well documented that mobile use is increasing exponentially. As if that’s not enough, Google announced that starting back on April 21, 2015 it is making it easier for users to find mobile friendly websites. Make it easier for customers to find you on mobile devices by making your website responsive.
  2. Social feeds
    Social media are an excellent way to engage customers and keep content fresh on your website. Beyond having links to your social feeds, which is mentioned in the tips article, we find it can be beneficial to actually pull social content  into the website. It gives visitors a glimpse at what they can expect from following your feeds. Depending on the platform on which your site is built, there are some excellent plugins and widgets to help accomplish this.
  3. Less is more
    One of the many benefits of content management systems is they make it easy to expand website content and functionality. You can launch your site with as little as a landing page, or a larger site with core information then expand the content and capabilities of the website to meet the needs of customers and prospects with the messaging that garners the most traction.

Check out the other 10 expert tips for your startup’s website.

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